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About Us

Feelings Factory began in 1986 when, as mental health therapists, we began developing tools of our own for more inviting and effective ways of reaching the children with whom we worked. Our goal today remains the same - to provide products that are always engaging, colorful, friendly and safe.

Most of all, we believe you will find our wide variety of games, activities, play therapy toys and books to be unique and important tools in your work with children and adults that need help in the vital area of emotional expression while addressing issues such as:

Anger Control ▪ Bullying ▪ Behavioral Problems Dealing with Feelings

Grief and Loss ▪ Learning Disabilities ▪ Self Esteem ▪ Sexual Abuse ▪ Social Skills

Feelings Factory is a family-operated business. We are always in the process of growing and improving our products, operations and services. We welcome your comments and your business!

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